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TOWIE Halloween-The Only Way is Essex


Towie Halloween party 2015

 amanda.jenner 1st November 2015
Our day started early At 6:30am, our venue was to be the Old Truman Brewery in Brick lane. The journey there was a nightmare, accidents, traffic delays, 12 miles in an hour and a half, the google map ap on my phone tried to sabotage our arrival time several times but we made it just before 9am. We paid our £15?!?! Parking fee and trudged upstairs with our kit. What a beautiful venue!

Brilliant artwork outside the Truman Brewery window

Window with a view

We were supposed to start at 9 with Bobby but unfortunately he was stuck in traffic so we admired the views for an hour and set up our kit while the other make up artists went to work on Tommy who was literally bouncing off the walls. Lewis said “He’s like Taz” , so true. I’ve never seen anyone have their make up done with their feet up before.

The lovely Bobby arrived at 10.15 and we set to work, he was to be a sugar skull with skeleton and flower body, 2 hours work at least. We had 45 minutes

Consequently Bobby went to film half finished. Very frustrating from an artistic point of view but the show must go on! He’s totally adorable and when the crew were standing behind us saying “We really need him, how long will he be?” He was cool as a cucumber and said “Give her ten more minutes babe” this bought us precious time. We love you Bobby! He’s an all round good egg, someone you’d be proud to call your friend.


Next to paint was Lewis, he looked hot hot hot in his skintight outfit, have you been working out Lewis?

He wanted just a sugar skull face, should only take 15 mins, we can gain some time back we thought. Little did we know that our lovely Lewis is a bit of a perfectionist. First the eyes were uneven and he looked like a puppy, then he wanted initials instead of the cross, then he didn’t like that and wanted the cross, then the moustache wasn’t even, 45 mins later he was finished and delighted with the result. We were full of adrenalin after the Bobby Rush so the lines were a bit wobbly but he didn’t seem to mind. He was so bubbly and friendly, we shared top tips, he shared mine on snapchat, Taught me the difference between a (2) and an (s), we selfied, I spilt paint on his trousers, he laughed about it, he was fun.


Mike was next, we filled in his beard to make it more prominent as we couldn’t paint over it. He wanted a red and black sugar skull. We loved the finished look complete with hat and poncho.

Next up Jake, he wanted something from Warriors so we decided on a bloodied version for Halloween and he had a baseball kit on to match. Emma said he had lovely eyes, I can’t say I noticed, I’m far too professional to comment.

This only took a few minutes and he was very happy with the result, he then went off to be photographed professionally


Vas was next, what a sweet guy. Don’t believe the hype, he does smile lots, all he really needs is a hug. He’s so lovely in real life. The gold colours really complemented his skin tone, the photos do it no justice, there was so much glitter, he kept saying “I love it!”

Lastly was Dan, he was hungry bless him so only wanted something very quick. We opted for a half face, just 5 minutes for this one, he wasn’t in the mood to hang about but happy as always to pose for pics. I think the hat sets it off beautifully, shame he didn’t want something more intricate or colourful.

We finished at 2.30, five and a half hours passed so quickly. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. It’s just a shame we didn’t have more time. There’s so much more to face and body painting than just paint. If you’re stressed its really hard to paint well, this was a real challenge but we loved every minute.
Already looking forward to the next one, roll on Christmas


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